Arnold’s Best Advice

Most people don’t know that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a millionaire before his film career ever took off.

He was dirt poor as a child though.  Growing up in Austria in a home with no running water, he left for America after school with no money.

He loved body building but there was no money in it at that time.  As a result, he teamed up with fellow body builder Franco Columbo doing masonry jobs in southern California following an earthquake.  Starting from scratch, they marketed themselves as European masonry experts.

Over the course of several years, he saved enough money through masonry to invest in real estate.  And this is where he made his money.

Then the body building and acting career took off.

Without his masonry career, it’s unlikely Arnold would have lasted long enough financially to make it into movies.

Why was Arnold successful?  Credit goes to his father for the best advice he ever received: Be Useful.

For Arnold, at that time in his life, it was repairing homes.  He recognized a need (or maybe a “want” for European masonry) and solved it.

The next time you’re feeling directionless or questioning your purpose in life, ask yourself, “Am I useful?”

Those who are useful are rarely without comfort, safety or friendship.

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