Don’t Let The Mind Tell The Body What It Can’t Do


Women who have repeated sex with the father of their child while pregnant experience less pre-eclampsia.

Priming, the process by which one stimulus changes the effect of another stimulus, exists in sex (as above), memory, and processing information.

In fact, some studies show that people who are primed with words related to the elderly end up walking away from the test slower than those who were not primed with those words.

Hockey great Pat LaFontaine appeared on the Finding Mastery podcast in a wide ranging conversation on what it takes to become the best in your profession.

The two cast series was a veritable treasure trove of advice but the comment I liked most was,

“Don’t let the mind tell the body what it can’t do. How you talk to yourself is critical.”

Think back to any time you exceeded your own expectations in life.  Maybe it was race PR, getting a job you thought you had no chance at, or making something truly creative.  How likely would this success have been if you had been using negative self talk beforehand?

The words we use with ourselves are so important.

They become ingrained in our brains and dictate how we think and act.

Maybe this is why mantras work so well in training and racing.

What does your self talk sound like?  How do you plan to improve it?


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