Here’s what I’m doing right now.



  • Allowing our 2 year old daughter to sleep with us far too much
  • Enjoying the endless hilarity that raising three young kids presents
  • Sketching out 2016 by month using the free Live Your Legend Goal Planning template.  It has really helped me break down my goals into actionable steps with deadlines.


  • Managing the Ultramax Sports retail stores in Springfield, MO & Columbia, MO.  Trying to continue planning as many stupid/silly/funny events as humanly possible – Taco Drinking Contest or Foam Sword Fighting, anyone?
  • Creating a book for busy parents about training for Ironman Triathlons.  Help me decide on a really great title!
  • Thinking about my next book…
  • Creating a free resource guide entitled “How to Pick the Best Running Shoe.”  I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned about shoes, shoe fitting, and injuries over the past 7+ years managing a chain of running shoe stores.


  • Sapiens by Yuval Harari
  • Fast After 50 by Joe Friel
  • How Bad Do You Want It? by Matt Fitzgerald
  • Just A Little Run Around The World by Rosie Swale Pope


  • Becoming strong and regaining mobility at Mercy Health Tracks
  • Training for an Ultramarathon, a Spartan Race, to get a BQ marathon time, and a few triathlons in 2016
  • Trying not to sit so damn much

Listening To

  • The Tim Ferriss Podcast
  • The Real Coaching Podcast with Joel Filliol
  • Freakonomics Podcast
  • Hip hop dance music
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