Olympians vs. You and Me

The Olympics have officially begun. Do you ever wonder how those particulate athletes you see on TV got to Beijing?

Want to know a secret?

They didn’t get there because of superior genetics. There are thousands of people across the globe that could have replaced the approximately 10,500 athletes competing at the Games.

The reason these athletes are competing is consistency and attention to detail (and superior genetics). The next time you go out for a run, bike, or swim, think about these two items.

In regards to consistency, don’t worry so much about pushing your limits; focus on completing a workout that will leave you prepped to do your next one. Those who push themselves every workout usually end up hurt and in a yo-yo pattern of hard training and time recovering from injury. Their long term progress is hamstrung.

Also, focus on a keen attention to detail. Don’t just push through a workout. Do it perfectly. Don’t skip the little things…stretch afterwards, do your strength training, work on your technique.

These are the true keys to long term endurance success.

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