A Lifetime Of Learning

Adrian Grenier spoke on the 30 Days of Genius series about dropping out of college.

He figured if he wasn’t going to get the education the traditional route he needed to proactively learn for the rest of his life.

I like this.

Deep down all humans want to keep learning throughout their lives.

It can be easy to get tired or stressed from life and choose to flip on Game of Thrones instead of reading a book.

No big deal.  Books aren’t the only way to learn.  (They ARE amazing of course – and my wife would be less than pleased to tally the books expenses in my Amazon Prime account)

How about opening Youtube and watching videos about something you’re interested in?

Better yet, how about Twitter?

Most social media is a time suck but Twitter is still useful.

Pick the right people, follow their timelines, ask good questions, research the parts you don’t understand, and it can be like taking a university course that you actually love!

School has beat into many of us that learning isn’t fun.  It *can* be fun if you find a topic you like and a method of learning it that works for you.

It’s so much easier to do that now than ever before.


Life in 2016 is busy.

So busy that we don’t often sit down and evaluate it.

Why are you here?  What’s your purpose?

How are you going to make a dent in the universe?

Maybe you don’t care about making a dent.

That’s ok.

But could you be happier by making some changes?

Anita retired from being a lawyer at 33 by drastically cutting her expenses.  Now she’s fulfilling her new quest to see the world.

When we were kids we imagined what our future was going to be like with wonder.

We can still do that as adults bust most of us don’t.

Maybe we’re sleeping through our lives?

It’s the opposite of Daydreaming.

We’re Sleepliving.