Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

Strength training will allow you to run less and get faster.

Yes, if you like you run then you probably think lifting weights sucks.  To be honest, I feel that way sometimes.

But what if you could replace two hours of running per week with one hour of weights and run better times next season?

It might be worth considering.

Strength training makes you faster in three ways:

  1. Stronger athletes have more power for going uphill or into the wind on flats.
  2. Strength leads to better efficiency, which equals faster running, biking, and swimming.
  3. Stronger athletes with better muscle balance get hurt less and are more consistent with training.

If you’ve read my blog or know me, you know I’ve struggled with serious injury issues since 2003.  Many practitioners have tried but none can “fix” me.

In 2013 I began a serious strength program.   Since then I’ve been more durable and powerful on LESS endurance training.

The key is doing the right kind of strength training.  The right movements with the correct weight and rest.  Done properly, you should not feel completely destroyed afterward.

In the video above, I interviewed Eric Pohl, MEd, CSCS at Mercy Health Tracks about strength training for endurance athletes like you and me.  Health Tracks works with athletes from all sports, including high level cyclists, swimmers, and runners.

Eric answers questions about strength movements everyone should do and how to specifically find your weaknesses through a tool called the Functional Movement Screen.  I truly feel this is one of the most effective ways you can injury proof your body and get faster.

What has been your experience with strength training?  Please leave feedback in the comments section below.